Poppy Smoked Oak Vase (11cm) by Applicata

Poppy Smoked Oak Vase (11cm) by Applicata


The idea to design a vase in wood grew from the fascination of the beautiful ensemble that arises when wood is in contrast to great colors and other materials. Designed by Anders Nørgaard, the shape of Poppy is sculptural and comes with a removable glass and felt pad at the bottom. 

Produced in Denmark with FSC Certified Solid oak wood. Wood grain patterns vary from vase to vase.

Height 11 cm

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Applicata's collection is designed by skilled Scandinavian architects, designers, and artists. This ensures unique products of high quality in regard to both aesthetic and function. Applicata's wooden products are produced with small family-owned businesses in Scandinavia, where craft traditions are kept alive over generations. At the end of 2015, Applicata was FSC certified.