Karin Carlander Textile No. 7 Placemat - Lichen Sashiko

Karin Carlander Textile No. 7 Placemat - Lichen Sashiko


Made of sustainable and 100% organic linen, Textile No. 7 is a multifunctional towel, it can be used as a place mat, table napkin or food wrapping. With each washing, it becomes softer and more beautiful.

The Sashiko design is woven with white selvedges that add an artistic edge to the colour expression of the textile. The design is inspired by an old Japanese method of all-over stitching on multiple layers of cotton cloth. Primarily intended to reinforce fabrics for heavy-duty use such as working jackets and leggings.

50 x 40 cm.

Made in Europe

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Textile No. is based on three simple principles: sustainability, multifunctionality, and a mix-and-match colour palette. All the textiles in the collection are woven or crocheted of 100% European linen spun from flax naturally grown in France. Designed and produced in Europe by Master of Linen and award-winning Danish textile designer Karin Carlander.