Beautiful home living tips

Scandinavian design and living is renowned for its stylish simplicity and functionality. Here are some tips...

#1. Let in the light

Scandinavians recognise the importance of natural daylight. It is so essential to our well being, and we tend to be happier when there is more of it.

#2. Maximize natural light in the home

Have you ever wondered why so many images of Scandinavian homes feature white interiors? Painting walls in white or pale shades will make your home look brighter and help bounce the light around. Glossy and polished surfaces also help. And don’t forget mirrors. They can reflect, and thereby increase the amount of light in a room. So hang wall mirrors strategically opposite windows.

#3. Add some wood

Warm up your interiors by introducing more natural wood into your home. This could be by way of furniture, flooring or even wall panels. A predominant feature in Scandinavian interiors, wood works in perfect balance with a white decorating scheme. Adding more wood will help create a cosy and welcoming home.

#4. Candles

Everything looks better by candlelight. So place decorative candles and tea light holders all around your home – they will make beautiful home accessories. Then, once it’s dark, you can light them to create a magical atmosphere.

#5. Nature and well-being

Nature is an important feature at the heart of the Scandinavian lifestyle. Introduce plants and greenery into your home. They bring nature and the outdoors inside – and they really help bring a room to life. In addition, try to go out when you can. You’ll feel much better for it. It prevents you from feeling sluggish and puts a new perspective on things. You may even find sources of inspiration which you can then bring into your home.

#6. Simple and stylish furniture

Scandinavian and Danish Modern furniture, including the ones from designers such as Arne Jacobsen, Hans Wegner, Børge Mogensen and Alvar Aalto are world renowned, and with good reason. They are not cold or clinical. Invest in timeless quality furniture, with thoughtful design that is a pleasure to use and look at. They will always give you that‘feel good’ factor.

#7. Streamedline storage

Good storage is key to creating an airy and spacious Scandinavian style interior. Get rid of all clutter and only keep on display those items that are a pleasure to look at. Everything else should be stored away out of sight. This alone will make for a calmer and less stressful home.


#8. Cozy soft furnishings

Dress your sofa, chairs, or anything with cushions and throws to create a warm and relaxing haven and a place to rejuvenate.

#9. A dining table for entertaining

A good-sized dining table and chairs are essential for entertaining. Savouring the time spent in good company, with great conversation and delicious food is just the thing to help lift the spirits.




#10. Hygge (HUE-GUH)

Originally a Norwegian word, it is now widely used in Denmark.  It’s all about the everyday simple pleasures that nourish the soul: appreciating beautiful design, taking a walk, time spent with a friend – even enjoying a cup of coffee. And it’s about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. For a happy life filled with wonderful moments (whatever the time of year) why not follow the Danish example, and bring more hygge into your daily life.


All images by Noden