Santa Clara 1728

This image caught our attention when we saw the beautiful CH25 chairs by Hans Wegner which led us to Santa Clara 1728, a hotel in Lisbon, Portugal. Housed in the 18th-century building that belongs to hotelier João Rodrigues and transformed by local architect Manuel Aires Mateus this gorgeous place is nothing but spectacular. Filled with natural and traditional materials such as wooden floors, Portuguese tiles and limestones marbles just to name a few. 

One of the most important things at all of their ‘homes’ is the respect they feel for nature. Not only in building and designing the sites, but most importantly in the experience you will have when staying there. All of your senses will be addressed.
— Petite Passport
You feel respect for the old building where you will still see the old details like the staircase. In the dining room with a long communal dining table made of heavy wood you will start a conversation with the other guests, the owners or the chef. If not, you can read the beautiful coffee table books or independent magazines or stare at the impressive art work. The rooms have a wooden floor with heating in it, a bliss. The bathroom is made out of Lisbon marble just like the bath tub. There are candles in the bath room, the towels thick and soft and the bath room amenities smell good and make your hair foamy when you wash it.
— Petite Passport
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