Nippon X Noden

We collaborated with Nippon recently in a really fun project to offer the option of a natural and cosy textured all finish suitable for all interior spaces. We selected two odourless colours painted over Nippon's Momento® Primer as a textured base. Entirely different from Nippon's existing Momento collection, these two colours and finish is currently unique to Noden in Singapore and offers a wide range of options for those who are looking to spruce up their home for the holiday season or the coming new year.

A base coat of Nippon's Momento Primer was first painted on our wall at Noden. Nippon's Momento Primer also helps to mend and hide wall imperfections before the application of any top coat selected. It also creates rough texture surfaces for the best execution and results. 

Top coat of our colour choice being painted over Nippon's Momento Primer textured base.

The options are endless for the final finish of the textured walls as multiple layers of Nippon's Momento Primer base creates more texture and you can truly customise your wall with the finish of your choice. 

Our Nippon x Noden custom wall at the shop. Featured here is "Foggy Day"painted over Nippon's Momento Primer. We opted for an imperfect but cosy textured finish on this wall.

Our entrance wall at the shop features "Mcintosh" painted over Nippon's Momento Primer. We opted for a slightly more imperfect textured finish on this wall. 

With more than a thousand colours to select from with Nippon, the options are great for a customised textured finish and if you are feeling slightly adventurous, this could be a really fun DIY project for your home. Drop by our shop to have an actual look and feel!

Thank you Nippon for choosing us and for giving us the creativity freedom.

Images ©Noden