Tokyo Cafe Travel Guide Book

Tokyo Cafe Travel Guide Book


TOKYO CAFE by Five Finger Mountain
(updated and revised edition)

An essential companion for anyone searching for the great cup of coffee in Japan’s capital city. Discover a Scandinavian cafe hang-out in a quiet residential area off Shibuya and a cafe specializing in pies just off an industrial revival area known as Bakuracho and many others. Organized according to neighborhoods, this book features 46 cafes in the Tokyo metropolitan area. So, for the travel weary, a cup of coffee makes life in this city less daunting and definitely richer. For the coffee aficionado, these 48 cafes (updated) should be more than enough to challenge your taste buds.

The book is small and handy, just like a novella, should fit in any travelers’ bag, maps are included as well as a grid section for the traveler to pen in some notes or scribbles.

This updated edition features an addition of 18 new cafes as well as a new section featuring interviews with 3 Tokyo Cafe owners.

Paperback / 103 pages

12.4 x 18.8 cm.

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