Noden is an independent store established in 2013 by Tawan & Marko to share a handpicked range of beautifully crafted vintage furniture, with a strong focus in original Mid-Century & Scandinavian Modern design from the 1950s-70s, in particular, Danish Modern classics crafted & designed by the greatest cabinetmakers and designers from that magical Modern period. Beyond this, we offer a way for you to engage with tales from another era.

Noden offers its customers a purchasing experience that runs counter to the detachment often found in the mass retailing industry. In addition to impeccable style, Noden also stocks wholesome new products designed by brands with heart. With a personalized approach, we wish to share that value with each and every customer.

Our love for Scandinavian design was what set us on our journey of collecting: but we can’t keep it all. We hope you find a piece in our gallery that catches your eye and tugs at your heart. We’d love to share its story with you.


"Vintage items can have a way of holding you to the ground. When you think of how long (and how far) a vintage object has travelled ... its presence seems all the more significant - its character alluringly full."